Pure titanium cushion comb participated in the Taipei International Exhibition and was deeply loved by clients at domestic and abroad. Its characteristics:

Material features: The pure titanium comb is made of 99.8% pure titanium material and does not contain other metal components. It has the characteristics of light weight, good conductivity, antibacterial, anti-allergic, acid and alkali resistance, etc. It can safely comb the hair and massage the scalp. 

Design features: The design of the pure titanium comb is simple, practical, ergonomic, and feels comfortable. The pure titanium comb needle combs the hair more smoothly. It is a work of art carefully crafted with the craftsmanship of a master with 45 years of experience.

Effect of use: Pure titanium comb is easy to use, ergonomically designed, and easy to comb through tangled hair to avoid pulling the hair. It can effectively improve hair problems such as frizz and static electricity, make the hair more shiny, clear the scalp meridians, and strengthen the hair roots.

Applicable people: Pure titanium combs are suitable for all people, especially those with sensitive scalps, deep massage of the scalp, and easy-to-break hair. Use the comb to massage the scalp before washing your hair to effectively brush off the dirt on the hair follicles. The hair can be effectively washed and it can also reduce hair damage and hair loss. 

Product care: Pure titanium combs have a long service life and are easy to maintain. Just wipe them with clean water, which can save time and money. Just keep the air cushion and comb handle dry.

In short, pure titanium comb is a kind of product with special excellent performance and practical value. It is worth trying and worth owning!