Titanium heart-shaped air cushion hair brush
Titanium heart-shaped air cushion hair brush

Titanium heart-shaped air cushion hair brush

Product no: YHT-001

Material:Titanium pin
beech wood , cushion
Size: 9 x 8 x 4.5 cm

US: 75.00

Titanium heart-shaped cushion hair brush

Featuring an elegant and minimalist design with a three-dimensional aesthetic. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit naturally in the palm of a hand for a comfortable grip. The delicate Titanium Pins not only facilitate hair brushing but also provide a soothing scalp massage, promoting healthy hair follicles and improving blood circulation. The lightweight design of titanium makes it convenient to carry anywhere. Whether for daily hair care or relaxation therapy, this hair brush offers users a delightful experience.


Important Notes:

1. Ventilation Holes in Elastic Cushions:
All elastic cushions are equipped with ventilation holes to maintain their elasticity. This is a normal phenomenon and not a defect.

2. Cleaning Pure Titanium Bristles:
Pure titanium bristles can be cleaned directly with water, alcohol (using a cotton pad), or a cleaning detergent.
Keep the cushion and wooden handle dry. Do not wash them directly with water or spray alcohol or cleaning detergent.
Avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, as UV rays may cause the cushion to age and lose elasticity.
Please store in a cool and ventilated place.

3. Hygiene Considerations for Hair Brushes:
As hair brushes are personal care items, and for reasons of personal hygiene, they cannot be returned or exchanged once unsealed. We appreciate your understanding.